Brother products are known for being high end. From printers to label makers, fax machines to sewing machines, Brother has placed itself in the upper tiers of office and industrial equipment pricing. Their printers are on the top of the list as far as price rankings are concerned. But Brother printers are also some of the most innovative around.

Brother items include models that are best suited for small-scale home printing, small-office printing, as well as industrial-scale printing needs. And while their printers are not cheap to purchase, most printer models are designed for cost-efficiency and long-term savings.

Their line of printers listed under the ‘Home’ models includes everything from the basic black-and-white printer to the more versatile A3-capable, multifunctional, colored printers with wireless capacities. The printer series that are most suitable for homes and small offices come in compact designs, low costs per page, and above-average speed.

Small offices and mobile offices, as well as midsized businesses with average-sized printing needs can benefit from the large, multifunctional DCP series. Despite the printers under this series retailing for almost £500, it is deemed as the series that has the lowest cost of total ownership among all of its printer models. Meanwhile, the over £400 MFC models are mostly wi-fi connected for easier connectivity within the department.

Corporate-designed printers are designed with three important qualities in mind: speed, cost, and functionality. The demands of a large industry require a printer that can keep up with it and Brother designed printers to do exactly that. They have heavy-duty printers that are not only multi-functional but are also versatile – for instance has A3 printing capacities and/or capable of two-sided printing, fast ppm rates, cost-efficient, and has a high yield capacity.

The price of Brother’s printer products prove that sometimes, quality comes with a rather [hefty] price.