Toner Giant


About Toner Giant

Toner Giant is one of the most popular online toner and cartridge stores in the UK today. Established in 2007, Toner Giant supplies toner and ink cartridges from their own brand, as well as cartridges from popular brands including Xerox, Brother, HP, Kodak, Olivetti, Canon and Samsung among others. Toner Giant is also an all-around printing needs store selling printers, franking supplies, and paper materials from major brands. A great place to make savings is to use Toner Giant discount codes as buying directly from the store can be a tad expensive.

They offer to have the “best prices” available in the UK, and even offer ‘refunds’ should customers find another store that offer better prices for their purchased items. This refund comes in the form of gift vouchers that amount to 20% of the price difference between Toner Giant price and that of the competitor. Schools and businesses can also avail of Toner Giant’s special credit account options.

All of Toner Giant’s third-party brands come with six-month warranties while their in-house brands of cartridges come with three-year warranties.

The Website

The website is pretty straightforward, easily navigable, and more helpful than your basic ecommerce website. Their products are classified according to their corresponding printers; there are three search bars that narrow down your search from brand/manufacturer to model family to specific model. The whole process is lengthy on paper but it is logical and efficient in that it leads you only to the products that correspond to your specific printer model.


Toner Giant carries a wide-range of brands and items, enough to be considered a one-stop printing needs shop. They also have an impressively cheaper in-house brand of toner and ink cartridges.

These in-house cartridges, though they carry a three-year warranty, are not as great in quality as the more reliable and slightly pricier popular brands of cartridges.

Customer Service

Toll-free hotlines and live chats are not always available but response is prompt and satisfactory despite the waiting time. They also provide responses for and open communication lines with customers who logged their complaints in other review websites.

Customer service representatives are mostly friendly and helpful, making orders and issues more easily manageable. The resolutions for complaints are generally quick, straightforward, and convenient especially for small items and in-house brands.

However, complaints on non-Toner Giant branded items especially electronics (i.e. printers) are subject to the manufacturer’s customer service and other policies. It may take a while to get a response and resolutions on such complaints.


Toner Giant has a reliable next-day delivery service that they offer for FREE. We love how the waiting time is consistently less than 24 hours. (Note: however, this next-day delivery service is only for orders placed before 5:30 PM every day except Saturdays and Sundays. Orders placed on weekends or at nighttime will be delivered later).

Return Policy

Toner Giant offers free pick-up services for returned items that usually come on the same day the complaint or return request is placed. However, the pickup service company is different from the courier company that handles Toner Giant’s delivery so customers will have to make sure that their delivery receipts and other proofs of purchase and delivery are present to ensure a smooth transaction in returning and replacing items.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Toner Giant mainly offers convenience and great discounts. The next-day delivery service, free pickups, as well as its impressive customer service are all worth the hype. The voucher refunds for finding stores that sell their products less expensively is a great added bonus that is hard for its competitors to match.

Office King


About Office King

Office King is one of the biggest online suppliers of office equipment and goods, serving the UK and Ireland. Their inventory does not only consist of printers, copiers, and inks and toner cartridges; Office King also sells everything from printing papers to office stationeries to office furniture. Office King also offers office-related services (i.e. catering, cleaning, cooling and heating) and other facilities management services like health, security, safety, and furnishings.

Office King carries a wide variety of printer and printing equipment brands including leading names like Apple, Brother, Citizen, Dell, IBM, HP, and Epson to name a few.

Office king is also widely popular for their very own line of compatible cartridges, with types that are made for different brands and models of printers.

The Website

The Office King website seemed to have been created to project a loaded inventory. The overhead menu has various different categories – Printer Cartridges, Office Supplies, Printers, Paper, etc – with each one opening a drop down menu that contains even more subcategories of the products they sell. Customers can easily click the specific sub-category to view the page that projects the different brands they carry under that specified item category. Each category links to a page that shows all of the products compatible with that brand.

Customers can opt to search for the cartridges they intend to purchase through the three-tier search option where they can input their printing equipment’s brand, type, and specific model. These search bars are located at the left vertical bar of the home page.

Because the website allows its guests to create their own accounts, repeat purchases are made easier as customers can save items under ‘Favorites’ that they can easily click every time they order.


Office King carries some of the widest range of inks and toners anywhere in the UK. This, however, is expected since the store carries a rather huge number of products sold online. In fact, Office King is one of the first, if not the first, of its kind to sell 3D printers online.

The company’s flagship product, however, are their compatible cartridges that are advertised as being significantly cheaper than its branded counterparts. While this is true, it cannot be denied that compatibles – from any brand – are never completely reliable especially for bulk printing or high quality printing needs.

Customer Service

Customer service for Office King involves a 9 to 5 live chat line, email line, as well as a 9 to 5 hotline. They respond promptly to complaints but they do not seem to be responsive to feedbacks for Office King.


Office King is not the most cost-efficient company where deliveries are concerned. For instance, free delivery is only available for orders that cost upwards of £50, exclusive of VAT. Anything under it comes with a delivery fee. They also do not guarantee next-day delivery.

These standards only apply for Mainland UK customers; residents outside of this area will be charged higher costs for delivery.

Return Policy

Returning an item to Office King means having to wait at least three working days to get a response from the company after filing the online returns form. Customers are expected to return the faulty items and shoulder charges related to returns.

Overall Rating: 3.4 out of 5

While the Office King’s inventory is impressively large and varied, the costs they come in are not the friendliest in the market. Delivery, especially, is rather pricey compared to the costs charged by its closest competitors for the same service.



The Toner Cart

logo t

About The Toner Cart

The Toner Cart carries a wide variety of branded ink and toner cartridges as well as third-party manufactured compatible cartridges for different brands/models of printers. Similarly, the Toner Cart sells printers, copy machines, and other types of printing equipment.

One of the best things about Toner Cart is their price quote service. With a single call to their 9-5 hotline, Toner Cart customers will not only get a price quote for their intended purchases but they will also likely match their competitor’s prices for a good deal. Of course, this is not 100% guaranteed, but it’s a good as chance as any on savings.

Toner Cart also champions recycling ink and toner cartridges and they go as far as providing customers with Freepost return bags and recycling boxes to encourage their customers to send back their used cartridges.

Schools and government agencies can also benefit from the Toner Cart’s offer of 30-day credit account. This account offers 0% on bulk purchases for thirty days – a valuable offer not easily available elsewhere.

The Website

Toner Cart has one of the simplest, most basic ink and cartridge websites among its UK competitors. It has a very simple layout, with all of its products placed in a single category and the brands placed on the left side menu. The search bar is not as interactive or as specified as, say, Cartridge Monkey and customers may have to know the specific cartridge model to find the right product via the search product.

The more efficient way of searching for items in the Toner Cart website is to click the brands on the side menu. This leads to a new page that has all the different models from each manufacturer. Each model name links to a page that shows its cartridges, both branded and compatibles.


Toner 24 carries a wide range of printer brands and an even wider range of inks and toner cartridges. These cartridges comprise both branded and compatible third-party cartridges that the company guarantees to be up to 40% cheaper than the branded ones.

Only the compatible cartridges come with a 3-year warranty. The company, however, has a seven-day money back guarantee for returns that pass their return policies.

Customer Service

Customer service is limited to a 9 to 5 hotline, an email line, and a 9 to 5 live chat line. The customer service is reliable and promptly responds to questions and especially on returns and refunds issue.


The Toner Cart offers free delivery for all its products. However, customers who want next-day delivery of their purchased goods will have to pay a little extra for that convenience.

Return Policy

The Toner Cart does not offer free pickups on returned items. The responsibility of returning these items is shouldered by the customers.

Overall Rating: 3.4 out of 5

The Toner Cart has an impressive program on recycling, which complements their promotion of third-party compatible cartridges. They also have some of the widest range of products and printers covered – as their cartridges include those that are for fax machines, copiers, Inkjet, and Laserjet printers. However, the Toner Cart is not the cheapest store option around, plus the return policy is not as convenient as its closest competitors.


Cartridge Monkey

cartridge monkey

About Cartridge Monkey

Cartridge Monkey is one of the oldest online ink and toner cartridge stores in the UK. It has been around since 2003, offering a wide variety of ink and toner cartridge brands including inkjet cartridges – from Samsung, HP, Fujitsu, Canon, Epson, Kodak and Olivetti among others. Aside from popular branded inks and toner cartridges, they also offer non-branded cartridges that are compatible with a wide variety of brands and models of printers.
Aside from cartridges, Cartridge Monkey also sells printers, franking tools and paper materials.

Cartridge Monkey promises to be the home of the ‘cheaper ink cartridges’ through their line of inexpensive unbranded compatible cartridges.

While they guarantee cheaper prices, they don’t offer in-house cashbacks for cheaper items elsewhere. They also don’t offer special invoice accounts for bulk purchasers like schools and businesses.

The Website

The website has almost the exact same features as Toner Giant, only with different color schemes and logos. It is easy to navigate, and the searching method is convenient as it allows the customer to search for the compatible cartridge by the exact printer make, type, and model.

The Cartridge Monkey website has a ‘Quick Reorder’ button that logs your past purchases to make your next purchases of the same item quicker and easier.


Cartridge Monkey carries a wide range of both branded and unbranded ink and toner cartridges, franking materials, printers, as well as paper materials. The items, however, do not come with a warranty so it is very important to inspect the items. They do, however, offer a very inclusive return and refund policy in case you get faulty items on delivery so make a prompt report to avoid any hassles.

Customer Service

Cartridge Monkey’s customer service quality is above average, characterized by prompt responses and quick resolutions to issues. They do not offer responses to complaints or poor reviews lodged on other popular review websites, unlike Toner Giant.

The Live Chat services are limited and not open 24 hours a day, but they do have a toll-free round-the-clock hotline for late night customer service needs.


Cartridge Monkey offers a next-day delivery service for orders placed before 5:30 pm every day except Saturday and Sunday, absolutely free of charge.

Return Policy

Returns and replacement of incorrect orders or faulty items are not as convenient as you’d expect. While other ink and toner cartridge shops offer free pickups for incorrect orders, Cartridge Monkey does not guarantee the pickup service. Several calls will have to be made and customers may even have to post the products themselves to get a replacement.

The returns policy is pretty straightforward.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Cartridge Monkey is a one-stop shop for printing needs, offering both branded cartridges as well as convenient and inexpensive compatible cartridges. Their products and services as well as customer response are all reliable, and ordering and delivery are a breeze. Except for the lack of pickup service guarantee for returns and replacements, Cartridge Monkey offers some of the best you can find in the UK. They offer not just great quality products, but also convenience.


Toner 24

About Toner 24

Toner 24 is an online ink and toner cartridge shop based in Germany that serves several countries throughout Europe. Toner 24 carries a long list of brands including some of the most popular ones like Apple, Canon, Riso, Olivetti, Kodak, and Epson among many others. Aside from ink and toner cartridges, Toner 24 also sells a wide variety of branded printers.

While Toner 24 does offer the irresistible next-day delivery service, most of their items which are housed in a Germany central office, are normally listed for 2 to 3 day-deliveries. Toner 24 orders are delivered via UPS and offered free of charge without any minimum amount requirement.

Toner 24 does not always have the cheapest price, and they don’t have cheaper printer-compatible alternatives although the quality of their service and their products are generally reliable.

The Website

The Toner 24 website is pretty basic and looks older than its biggest UK competitors (i.e. Toner Giant). It has a very simple interface, devoid of fancy hover-drop down menus. There are only two basic categories for items: ‘Printer’ and ‘Manufacturer’ – which causes us to miss out on other essential non-cartridge/non-printer items like paper.

While the ink and toner products are searchable via a manufacturer-model drop down menu system, the printers are searchable through filters that include brand name, function, and technology used. It is not as straightforward as most of the newer website designs and the fonts are smaller.

The website allows for buyers to create their account and purchase as members or order as guests.


Toner 24 has an impressively large list of brands and models of inks, toners, and printers. However, they do not exactly have the cheapest store around neither do they offer cheaper alternatives.

Customer Service

Customer services from Toner 24 are pretty straightforward. Unlike most of their competitors, Toner 24’s customer service does not usually send responses on comments and complaints especially those that are placed outside of their own website. They do, however, offer prompt responses and resolutions for complaints that are duly filed through their customer service hotline. More importantly, they delivered replacements when they say they would.


Toner 24 orders are delivered via UPS free of charge. Despite the promise of next-day delivery service on the homepage, a lot of their items have a 2-3 day-delivery guarantee. And while this is not as convenient as other’s next-day delivery guarantee, Toner 24 does deliver on their promised date.

Return Policy

Toner 24 does not offer free pickups on returns. Returning faulty items or replacement for wrong orders must be placed via their email or phone customer services and customer has to shoulder the responsibility of putting the ordered item by post to Toner 24’s Germany office.

Overall Rating: 3.6 out of 5

Toner 24 offers some of the best quality branded inks and cartridges as well as other printing materials. Their services are generally reliable, on time, and hassle-free. Customer service is helpful and direct, though they could use a Live Chat line. The downside is the longer delivery service and slightly more expensive products.